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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Fashionably Redesigned

All the big fashion games fans, this is your day. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome our new fashionably redesigned brand names games number 1: Chanel Spring 2008. You can choose the model, hairstyle and makeup, then check out the brand names clothes in the fabulous and unique store setting. Indulge yourself in the holiday shopping mood without spending a penny. How wonderful is that?

Happy Holidays to all! And be nice to everybody. ;-)

Friday, October 05, 2007

New Feature Is Up!

Finally, the most anticipated Marketplace is up, together with long-neglected Album and very desired Gallery. Yes!

I-dressupers can now sell their extra items in the Marketplace, name their price and add descriptions. Of course, you can also buy second-hand items there with discounted price. Isn't that neat?

What's more, you can now save the pictures of the games to your album, your computer and share the avatar you create with the world. That's what we call first-class Gallery. Simply play the games with a "save the doll" button and find out the various choices you have in saving pictures.

Indulge and play safe, gals! (and guys. :-))

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Next Small Things

Ok, it has been a while since this blog is updated. What have we been doing except bugs-fixing and fine-tuning? Well, here are some small things that may add more fun to your i-dressup experience.

1. The Album is almost done and will be released next month. You will be able to save the doll in the games to your own album and share with the world. You may also create avatars to use in other online communities and download doll pictures to your computer.

2. A "Gallery" will be added to the site, where pictures and avatars could be downloaded for your own use.

3. Your wish for a marketplace to sell /buy extra items in iZone will be granted soon. (applause, please...)

4. How about some music to jazz up your iZone? Although we can't tell when, the music function shall be up before Christmas. (what? why does it take so long?) Well, we want it to be bug-free. So please bear with us.

5. More...

New features are on the way, all the time. Just keep checking in and you will be surprised. Thanks for staying with i-dressup! Have fun.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

FAQs and More

Finally our new "beta site" is up!(Just love the name "beta" for being a shield against attacks and criticisms for a "mature" site :-)) From the enthusiastic responses we guess our members like the new features and the new face. Yeah!

However, we do acknowledge the fact that minor bugs and confusion still exist. The most asked question is about the activation code and iCoins. So here are some FAQs:

Q: How to activate my account?

A: When you finish the sign-up process, an email will be sent to your email address with the activation link and code. You can either click the link, or copy and paste the code in your activation page. And you are done!

Q: I haven't received the activation code. Could you send it to me?

A: You have to use a valid email in registration process to receive the code. If you do and haven't received the code, check the Bulk/Spam folder in you email as sometimes it may be there. If you didn't use a valid email in registration, when prompted for your activation code, change your email to a correct one and click "send". Your activation code will be sent to your correct email.

Q: How do I earn more iCoins?

A: Check "iCoins" section in FAQ. Remember your friends have to sign up through the link you send to them AND activate their accounts before both of you can get more iCoins for that.

Okay, done with the FAQ here. We probably cannot reply everyone's email. So check the FAQ out before you send us emails as most of the answers can be found there.

Now we do have members sending us suggestion and even offering to do animated tour and banners for us, which sound great! Please help grow the site by spreading the word about our site to all your friends. Thanks for all the ideas and support.

As for the games part, we would also like to hear from you. From brand names, types of games to doll's feature, your opinion counts. So add your comments to the blog and we will listen!

Have a great long summer break!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

New Face of I-Dressup Coming in May!

Hey fellow i-dressup-ers,

The scarce update of our blog lately didn't result from nothing. We have been secretly ( well no more) undertaking this highly confidential life-changing website improvement project (uh, maybe not that dramatic) for couple of months. Now, the moment of truth: if everything is under control, which is usually not, you will see a totally revamped i-dressup and iZone in May, 2007. A better dressup games experience and a more friendly and more interesting user space for all of our well-deserved users are what this project is about.

Here is a sneak peak of the new face of i-dressup:

1. You can choose and make over your avatar.
2. You can D.I.Y outfits for your avatar.
3. You can decorate iZone at your choice of styles, furniture and accessories.
4. You can view other users' iZone and vote and be voted.
5. You will have some kind of virtual money for free...how about that?
6. For children's safety, you can report bad iZones with foul language and other prohibited behavior by a single click.
6. .... (lots of new function on the way)

Thanks for your support, as always.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Brightening Up for Spring

So the first day of spring comes officially on March 21 in 2007. But who cares? People has been celebrating spring way before that day: replanting for the front yard, redecorating the living room, and most importantly, refilling their wardrobe with some wonderful spring colors. Many designers choose cheerful and bright colors for this season. Let these pieces brighten your day.

Marc Bouwer

Vivienne Tam

C&C California

salvatore Ferragamo

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Happy Valentine!

Valentine doesn't have to be lovers' day only. Express your love to your friends, family and special ones by sending e-cards in iZone. We also have a new game Valentine 2007 for girls who cannot decide what to wear for the date. Who knows, you may get some inspiration in the game!

And to all i-dressup-ers, thanks for your love and continous support for the site. Happy Valentine!